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Southern Africa is an incredible place to visit and is consistently on the top 5 lists of most travel guides and peoples wish lists.

It is undoubtedly a highly desirable lifetime opportunity, and deserving of proper planning.

Logistically travelling through Southern Africa can be challenging to plan, as there are many nuances, which are specific to the various regions, countries and destinations. Small hops on smaller planes are often required to reach some areas in Botswana and certainly make your travel times between destinations much shorter and more comfortable.

It is advisable to spend at least 2 to 3 nights in one location before moving on to your next lodge or destination.

Each destination has diverse culture and offers different landscapes and experiences. We therefore encourage our clients to visit at least two different camps while on Safari. In Botswana for instance it is ideal to visit a water-based camp and a land based camp, which would provide for the perfect all round experience.

The best time to travel to South Africa varies depending on your destinations of choice. When going on Safari in Botswana or South Africa we usually recommend, if possible, traveling from May through to the end of September. These are considered the Winter Months in the Southern Hemisphere. This recommendation is contrary to when most tourists travel to South Africa, however we recommend the Winter months because there are fewer bugs and is considered low malaria season, the safari bush is less dense due to the lack of rain during the Winter and therefore it is easier to view the wildlife. In addition the main watering holes are more frequently used, due to the lack of water lying on the ground.

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Much more than a vacation, a Live Africa safari is a transformational journey.

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