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Live Africa is committed to the continued growth and development of Southern Africa’s communities and is proud to support local initiatives with each of our Safaris. Providing exposure to these initiatives we are able to create a positive influence on both our clients and the community through direct and indirect financial support.

Here are some of our initiatives we have supported to date:

Chess for Change

Chess for Change Chess for Change seeks to teach disadvantaged school children the game of chess. "The potential for promoting emotional intelligence and academic excellence is enormous. An emotionally intelligent person is optimistic, patient, caring, sympathetic and empathetic - and ultimately successful. Research shows that chess not only enhances emotional development but it also develops skills in maths and science. It teaches skills which help in the corporate world." Their long term goals are to implement chess into schools as part of the curriculum.


I-Care I Care is a non-profit organization devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa. I Care continues to move forward to alleviate the plight of street children and educate the public. “The worst thing you can do is give a street kid money, but the next worst thing you can do is nothing!” In 2006 I Care began its own rehabilitation programme and continues outreach to the hundreds of street children around KZN reuniting them with their families or placing them in a safe home.

Wildlands Conservation Trust/ Wilderness Leadership School

Wildlands Conservation Trust/ Wilderness Leadership SchoolIn a partnership between Wildlands Conservation Trust and the Wilderness Leadership School, the aim of the programme is to increase awareness within the communities surrounding the wilderness areas of KwaZulu Natal, through a direct experience of Wilderness. The programme will take out on trail, 480 previously disadvantaged individuals, every year into the wilderness areas alongside which they reside. To identify individuals within these groups, to champion the environment within their communities and to further their environmental education through both an academic and life skills based guide training program.

Khamai Reptile Park

Khamai Reptile ParkKhamai Reptile Park runs a programme to educate local people as to the vital role snakes and other reptiles have to play in the ecosystem, and to try and dissuade people from a common "kill on sight" approach to the venomous snakes.
The Khamai Reptile Park has been collecting data from animals caught in the wild for the past sixteen years and has been inspired to initiate a number of research projects through HERP dedicated to the conservation of reptiles through education and research.

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