Why Live Africa?

Why Live Africa?

Because we have experience. After arranging more than 300 safari tours for friends, business associates, groups and organizations of all sizes, we are able to bring our vast knowledge and expertise to you.

Because we have passion. And we bring our intense passion to every trip. We are from Africa; it was our home for over 30 years, and traveling in this part of the world is second nature to us. We know where to find the hidden treasures: the best watering holes, the best areas for game, and how to get around. We love the local people; we are inspired by the breathtaking vistas; and we are moved by the amazing wildlife.

Because we offer value. We directly engage with the owners and operators – all of whom we have known for years – to get you the best possible value at the highest quality game lodges throughout the region. We guarantee you a better price than you could get on your own, because of our strong personal relationships throughout the region.

Because we care about your trip. At Live Africa, we tailor each trip to your specific needs, your time frame, your budget, your passion. Whether you’re on a couple’s getaway, a family trip, or a corporate retreat, we can find you the best possible fit, and arrange every detail perfectly. We have our own people on the ground to meet you and ensure your trip is a success. We treat every visit as if it were your first and last – something to be savored, enjoyed, and dreamt about for years to come.

Because we do not let you go with the herd. What we offer is an exclusive experience with access to areas off the beaten path; private dinners with top thinkers, or local families in the region; knowledgeable and thoughtful guides; unique venues, entertainment; and personal service and care every step of the way.

Because we will fully engage your senses. We believe that the bush is a living, breathing classroom where every creature – from the tiny dung beetle to the towering giraffe – has a lesson to teach us. It is a world unlike any other, a magnificent world where each day is more remarkable than the last. Listen to the trumpet of the elephant, the laugh of the hyena, the roar of the lion, and hear the sound of mighty Africa. Discover the bushveld, where, in the words of the great Jan Smuts, “the human element indeed shrinks into utter insignificance, and grips you and subdues you and makes you one with yourself.”

Learn, listen, discover, experience. Live Africa as it was meant to be lived, in the magical light of this unspoiled land. Live Africa, Experience Africa, contact us and discover how to make it happen.

"What an unbelievable adventure we shared with our YPO friends and their families. We were immediately immersed in the beauty of Africa and every day brought new and exciting experiences. First class accommodations, stimulating education and deepening of friendships were the highlights for me. More highlights? Spotting a leopard in the treetops, rainbows over Victoria Falls, tribal face paint while sipping South African wines, pre-dawn bush rides, snuggled with my family under blankets, relaxing with friends, surprises at sundown, watching the children absorb it all and knowing we were in a moment of time with them. Thank you Bridgit and Steve for the amazing introduction to your beautiful continent."

Amanda Wilson - Orlando, FL

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Southern Africa is an incredible place to visit and is consistently on the top 5 lists of most travel guides and peoples wish lists.

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Much more than a vacation, a Live Africa safari is a transformational journey.

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