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Africa is an incredible place to visit, consistently a Top 5 destination for most travelers.

It is undoubtedly a highly desirable lifetime opportunity, deserving of proper planning.

Live Africa draws on the unique backgrounds of its team, with decades of combined experience working with discerning travelers to design and coordinate unforgettable safaris to Africa. We have personally visited and approved all of the destinations we recommend. We are meticulous about keeping ourselves current on the finest destinations Africa has to offer. Furthermore, we are committed to the conservation of Africa’s natural and cultural resources and economic upliftment. This is reflected in part by our choice of local suppliers, lodges and hotels and also through our own direct support of important programs and initiatives.





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With over 1000 trips planned for friends, honeymooners, organizations and groups of all sizes, we are able to bring our vast knowledge and expertise to each new experience we plan.

We have unprecedented access to incredible expert guides in the field, exclusive properties and wilderness areas as well as food and wine experiences across the continent that allow us to make each experience unique and customized for each of our travelers.

Client Experiences

  • "What an unbelievable adventure we shared with our YPO friends and their families. We were immediately immersed in the beauty of Africa and every day brought new and exciting experiences. First class accommodations, stimulating education and deepening of friendships were the highlights for me. More highlights? Spotting a leopard in the treetops, rainbows over Victoria Falls, tribal face paint while sipping South African wines, pre-dawn bush rides, snuggled with my family under blankets, relaxing with friends, surprises at sundown, watching the children absorb it all and knowing we were in a moment of time with them. Thank you Bridgit and Steve for the amazing introduction to your beautiful continent. "

    Amanda Wilson Orlando, FL
  • “For my family to experience that kind of excitement together was truly amazing… This was the absolute trip of a lifetime, one which I will never forget and I thank you for that.”

    George Russo Chicago, IL
  • "I’ve been privileged to experience something that few people have, but everyone should; something that is greater and more moving than one could comprehend. I have recently come back from a 16-day safari where I rode atop an elephant, felt the spray of Victoria Falls, and came within feet of a lion! The people were gracious, the food was exotic, and the animals were remarkable. I truly believe that until you have visited South Africa with Live Africa, words will not do justice to all of the magic that it has to offer."

    Megan Horne
  • ” There are no words to describe the time we shared. From Johannesburg to Sabi Sabi and every ‘little’ detail along the way, you guys really know how to throw a party.”

    TJ Perks Chicago, IL

Giving Back

We are committed to the continued growth of Africa’s communities and wildlife conservation as we are proud to support local initiatives with each of our safaris.

Chess for Change

Chess for Change seeks to teach disadvantaged school children the game of chess. "The potential for promoting emotional intelligence and academic excellence is enormous. An emotionally intelligent person is optimistic, patient, caring, sympathetic and empathetic - and ultimately successful. Research shows that chess not only enhances emotional development but it also develops skills in math and science. It teaches skills which help in the corporate world." Their long-term goals are to implement chess into schools as part of the curriculum.


I-Care is a non-profit organization devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa. I-Care continues to move forward to alleviate the plight of street children and educate the public. “The worst thing you can do is give a street kid money, but the next worst thing you can do is nothing!” In 2006 I-Care began its own rehabilitation programme and continues outreach to the hundreds of street children around KwaZulu Natal reuniting them with their families or placing them in a safe home.
Website: www.icare.co.za

Wildlands Conservation Trust/ Wilderness Leadership School

In a partnership between Wildlands Conservation Trust and the Wilderness Leadership School, the aim of the programme is to increase awareness within the communities surrounding the wilderness areas of KwaZulu Natal, through a direct experience of Wilderness. The programme will take out on trail, 480 previously disadvantaged individuals, every year into the wilderness areas alongside which they reside. To identify individuals within these groups, to champion the environment within their communities and to further their environmental education through both an academic and life skills based guide training program.
Websites: www.wildernesstrails.org.za/, www.wildlands.co.za/

Khamai Reptile Park

Khamai Reptile Park runs a programme to educate local people as to the vital role snakes and other reptiles have to play in the ecosystem, and to try and dissuade people from a common "kill on sight" approach to the venomous snakes. The Khamai Reptile Park has been collecting data from animals caught in the wild for the past sixteen years and has been inspired to initiate a number of research projects through HERP dedicated to the conservation of reptiles through education and research.
Website: www.khamai.co.za

Providing exposure to these initiatives we are able to create a positive influence on both our clients and the community through direct and indirect financial support.